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Disaster Planning Committee

Dear NAMI Friends,

The scale of the corvid 19 crisis is staggering. Each of us is affected and the outlook suggests uncertainty and sacrifices ahead. As an organization advocating for families and individuals dealing with mental health issues NAMI Hunterdon wants you to know that we are committed to continuing our support for those most vulnerable within our community.

Like so many others we have had to alter the way we normally do things. But we are still here for you and YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We have updated our website,, with information related to Covid 19 – telephone numbers and links to sites for help and online tools for self-care. (However, please maintain contact with reliable outlets for bulletins, alerts, and governmental directives and appropriate agencies in the event of an emergency.)

An important thing to consider is the contingency plans you need to care for yourself and your loved one. If you become ill, who can take your place? Who will be able to check on the well-being of your loved one? Perhaps you are able to offer help to others? I am available to check on people, (while practicing social distancing), pick-up supplies, and deliver meals. Let me know if you have something to offer or need help.

I am told that caring and compassion are contagious. I believe this because I hear about acts of kindness every day and these stories feel so reassuring. Thank you for your goodness at this time and deep appreciation to those actively involved in responding to the current crisis.

Stay safe and well,

Louise Hartman, Disaster Preparedness Committee Chair

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