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Disaster Preparedness Meeting – July Update

Dear Friends,

The Disaster Preparedness Meeting which met on June 17 evolved into a very nice tete a tete between me and Dawn. No new business was introduced; rather we reviewed some of the projects already outlined in our notes of the May 27 meeting. The take-aways from our discussion are: 1) The effort to compile an electronic file with contact info of our NAMI Hunterdon community is worth our time and energy. Suzanne has done the hard work (Thank you!) of creating a spreadsheet that can serve as our database. The ball’s in my court now to collect contact info. 2) We want to continue examining ways to make the NAMI Hunterdon website useful in the event of an emergency. And since we are in the midst of an emergency this means keeping abreast of issues related to the pandemic that are relevant to our community. 3) Do we need a plan of organizational continuity during an emergency/disaster? This would be a useful conversation at our next NAMI Hunterdon Business/Board Meeting. We’d like to propose that we have a community gathering with Board members. I’ll follow-up to see what’s possible.

Next Meeting Date: TBA and it’s summer and our sessions together should not be a punishment. Go forth and reward yourselves for all of your good work. I’m going on a virtual vacation this week with friends that I was originally sharing a house with at Lake Chautauqua. We’re listening to daily lectures in the mornings and then meeting on our porches for happy hour discussions.

I look forward to more fun and work together.


Louise Hartman
NAMI Hunterdon Disaster Preparedness Committee

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