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About NAMI’s Book Club

Since 2014 NAMI Hunterdon’s Book Club members have been reading from a diverse selection of fiction and non-fiction exploring issues concerned with mental health.  NAMI Hunterdon’s Book Club is not a support group (for information regarding NAMI Hunterdon support groups, please click here) but we do endeavor to create an environment where participants feel free to relate their own experiences to the topics we are discussing.  We find that sharing stories, including our own, provides a powerful tool for understanding and healing.  Story telling not only has the potential to inform but can also be an agent for change.  Transformation can happen in the most common of places.

Our book discussions are gentle and kind.  We consider the problems and possibilities of living with mental disorders, using the lens of literature to inform our conversations.  And while our themes are often serious, we come together for the pleasure of each other’s company.  We love to talk and laugh and marvel at our insights (intentional or not).  Our group enthusiastically embraces digressions and invites participants to introduce new threads of thought.  We get that it is not always possible for members to read the current selected book prior to our meetings.  We’re not sticklers on that front (or any front for that matter); we just encourage the free flow of compassion, and are grateful because that is always what happens.

Please check for the current book selection and specific date that we will be meeting.  This can be found by clicking “Current Book  Selection and Meeting Time” Tab.  We look forward to seeing you!

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